Sharp LC-70SQ15U Review: 70 Inch Aquos Quattron 3D Smart LED HDTV

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Apparently, Sharp is still identical with big screen TV. It was seen by the LED TVs that they have released in 2014, almost of them have screen size 60 inch above. Neither does SQ15U series, the middle class of 2014 Sharp LED TV lineups, it offers you with two screen size option, 60 and 70 inch. At this chance, I will write about the Sharp LC-70SQ15U Review below, so if you are searching a big screen TV for your home, please check out my review below, who knows it is in accordance with your criteria. You need to know, previously, I have decided to do some research to find the best merchant that sells this 70 inch Sharp LED TV with a lower price than the others. So if you are interested with this TV and want to buy it, you don’t need to waste your valuable time to search again the merchant that will offer you with the best price.

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A bit about Sharp LC-70SQ15U

Sharp LC-70SQ15U Review

As mentioned above, Sharp LC-70SQ15U is the middle class of 2014 Sharp LED TV lineups. One of the mainstay features of SQ15U series is Quattron Plus technology. This technology uses 4 sub pixels as an element color by adding an extra sub pixel (yellow) to the standard RGB. And the result, the picture that displayed on the screen of this LED TV has more contrast, brightness, and richer color. Additionally, it also supports HDMI 2.0 that able to handle a 4K signal so you can play 4K content onto LC-70SQ15U. And for allowing you to watch your old content with more vivid and sharper, this big screen TV is equipped with built in HD content upscale.

LC-70SQ15U also supports 3D pictures, so you can watch 3D movies on the screen of LC-70SQ15U. And to handle fast-moving scenes, SQ15U uses 240 Hz frame rate technology that allows you to see the sports, fast action movies or even play game virtually no blur. And a new of 2014 Sharp LED TV lineups is SmartCentral 3.0, the platform of Sharp Smart TV that has enhanced from its older version.

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Sharp LC-70SQ15U Review

Picture Performance

Please check out the Sharp LC-70SQ15U Review about the picture quality. The picture that produced by Sharp LC-70SQ15U is really amazing with a higher level of details and richer color. This cannot be separated from the performance of Sharp’s Quattron plus technology that adds extra sub pixels up to 10 million. With this technology, the picture that displayed by LC-70SQ15U is very smooth and the color pops more natural, especially in the yellow area.

 Additionally, its built-in upscale also works fine. For its class, the upscaled image that displayed on the screen of LC-70SQ15U is sharper than that displayed by standard HDTV that uses standard element color (RGB).  To display 3D picture, Sharp LC-70SQ15U features Active 3D technology. But unfortunately, it is not equipped with active 3D glasses in its buying package. So if you want to enjoy 3D movies, you must buy active 3D glasses separately that priced at around $50 per item.

Side Viewing Angle

The common issue of the LED TVs that use backlighting technology is poor side viewing angle. Although some manufacturers have tried to solve this problem but it has not yet reached the level of perfection. Neither does LC-70SQ15U, the contrast will be degraded and the color will be faded when you see from the extreme side angle. Although there was an increase if compared to its predecessor, but it is less superior than the other top tier LED TVs. However, if you watch from the right side angle, for its class, the picture that displayed is excellent.

Motion Clarity

Like when displaying still images, the fast moving images that generated by LC-70SQ15U is also excellent. By using 240 Hz refresh rate technology, it offers you to watch live sports, fast action movies, or even play games with an amazing picture.

Smart Features

Sharp LC-70SQ15U is equipped with SmartCentral 3.0 as its smart TV platforms. Features and performance that offered by this version is much better than its older version. This cannot be separated from the Sharp’s effort to increase the performance of the smart TV platform for their products. In addition to standard apps like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, HuluPlus, and more, SmartCentral 3.0 also equipped with integrated guide and search and mobile connectivity. And to run all of these smart TV features, it is supported by Dual Core Processor.  Although it is less superior than LG or Samsung Smart TV but the features and apps that are offered by this TV can be said very well.

The Conclusion about Sharp LC-70SQ15U

The Pros

  • Black level and contrast
  • Color accurate
  • Motion Clarity
  • Big Screen
  • New platform Smart TV

The Cons

  • Side viewing angle
  • Must buy 3D glasses separately if you want to enjoy 3D picture

Overall Review

With extra sub pixel, the color that generated by LC-70SQ15U is more natural and accurate. Whether it is still images or fast moving images, all of them are displayed perfectly by this 70 inch Sharp LED TV. 3D picture that is generated is also amazing. But for enjoying 3D pictures, you should purchase active 3D glasses separately. The Side viewing angle has still been an issue of this TV although this can actually be overcome by placing your seat on the right angle. Overall, the performance and features that offered by Sharp LC-70SQ15U is very satisfactory. Although there are some weaknesses, but it’s not too significant. So if you are searching 70 inch 3D smart LED TV for your home, you should consider it as your choice.


AS your further consideration before you decided to buy it, please click here to read Sharp LC-70SQ15U review by end users who have purchased and used this middle class of 2014 Sharp LED TV lineups.

Note: On this day, when I write this review, LC-70SQ15U is recently released, so there are not yet people who have written a review about it. But with the passage of the time, surely, there will be people who write a review about this TV.

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Conclusion Rating
Picture Performance
5 stars
3D Viewing
4 stars
Motion Clarity
4 stars
Side Viewing Angle
3 stars
Smart features
4 stars

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